Rellumi, the Real Estate Management Application


Manage your Properties

Easily manage your properties data using any device wherever you are. We have created a user-friendly application to make property management an easy and straightforward task. Rellumi covers all the property attributes that you will need to manage any kind of property!

Search fast and efficiently

Our customised search is simple, yet advanced, and includes all the needed criteria for your everyday searches. We have given focus on clear and usable search parameters through an easy-to-use search page.

Match Properties with Potential Customers

Record your potential customer Requests and match them with your properties with a single click! Stop manually searching again and again for the same request criteria and use Requests to save a lot of work time, and increase your sales.

Advertise online with ONE CLICK!

Stop wasting time logging in and putting your property data to numerous websites. Once you start managing your properties with Rellumi, you can publish your properties easily and fast to popular advertisement websites with a single click! The procedure is the same to update or remove the published properties.

Organise and keep track of EVERYTHING!

Let us help you to organise your office and colleagues to stop wasting time and increase your successful deals. Record all the required data, upload any related photos and documents, and keep track of all the changes made by your or your colleagues. Finally, feel free to export your data in CSV and XLSX formats to keep required backups and use them when offline.

Your Data: Secure and Available

We use top-notch certified datacenters to keep our services live and running at all times. In addition, we monitor our services 24/7 and ensure they are up-to-date and secured. Finally, your data is encrypted in our databases to enhance the integrity and safety of your data.

Why Rellumi ?

It is modern, simple and easy-to-use, and it features standard and advanced features that you need to organise your business, your's and your colleagues daily work. Rellumi is the most cost-effective Real Estate service in the market and we guarantee to offer your the most competitive price package. Finally, Rellumi is not just for high-street Real Estate companies, but also individual realtors who work alone or cooperate with companies (We have special packages for such individuals!).

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Regular Updates

Regular Updates

We strive for perfection and our main aim is your success. Rellumi gets regularly updated with new features and we make any required change to its operations to make it even more efficient. Moreover, we listen to you and your ideas to improve Rellumi and add features that YOU, the user, find useful.

Outstanding Support

Outstanding Support

Our support is readily available to help you with anything and answer any queries. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you want help or advice. We guarantee that we will answer to you back as soon as possible even on a Sunday or Bank Holiday!