E-Shop Construction

There should be one and only one rule of thumb for an e-shop. That is `Generate Sales`. If your e-shop cannot generate sales and potential customers-visitors rarely buy/order your products or services, then something is going wrong. We undertake the creation of e-shops using Drupal and Drupal Commerce, which we strongly believe and have proof that is a top-notch, safe, easy to use and extensible module-solution for most of the requested e-shops. In rare cases, where we identify special requirements or needs, we will create a custom e-shop for your business.

While there is a lot of work done during the construction and set-up of a successful e-shop, we have identified that most of the important work happens after its launch. This means, that just creating and launching a great e-shop, with all sorts of amazing features, does not mean we are done. You want sales, not just visitors or web-presence! By easily managing your e-shop using our manual and guidelines, you can easily change almost anything to fit your customer needs. In addition, we can apply numerous tests to your e-shop to identify cases and get quantifiable measurements in order to improve its sales performance.


Easy To Use!

We will train you and provide you with a manual to easily manage your e-shop and make changes without needing to call us every single time. We guarantee you that it will be easy to add, remove and adjust your products/services.


Search Engine Optimisation

The packages and modules that we use to construct e-shops (Drupal and Drupal Commerce) have integrated support for SEO. We have added all the required modules to monitor your e-shop's performance, your visitor's activity, and the overall performance of your website/e-shop on search engines.


Absolutely Extensible

Drupal Commerce can cover even the most demanding e-shop. It is easily extensible, and update-able, without requirements to patch up continuously to fix bugs etc. It is a very stable and open-source solution which means that can withstand time and can easily be changed according to the market needs. Finally, the design of your e-shop can be later changed without a lot of work done and without messing with your e-shop's functionality at all!

Get in touch!

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