Website: Search Engine Optimisation and Promotion

Ok, you may have a website by now or not, but does it generate value, in terms of money, sales or visits, for your business? Maybe, maybe not. It might be the case that it has not reached its full potential as well. Other than creating and having a website, you need to properly promote it. Techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media interaction are among some that can greatly increase your website performance in terms of business value.

What is "Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)" anyway? SEO is that quite important process that affect your website\`s presence in a search engine's (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) organic (non-paid) results. This process includes both technical and theoretical aspects.
The technical is to implement all the SEO-websites guidelines published by the most important search engines, while the theoretical is to analyse the market, your visitors, their actions etc. and adapt your website and your marketing campaigns accordingly.


Is that all?

Nope! Certainly not. SEO is not magic. It can really boost your website in the top pages of the desired search queries, however, you need to take into account other factors other than the artificial ones. Your website needs to be really relevant to what people search, to not only gain their website visits, but keep them on your website as well, attract their attention to re-visit it, and finally, convert their visits into business value.

Social Media

Social Media

Your website needs to have Social Media presence and real activity. More than 70%% of the internet users are using social media, and most of them at least once per day. We can create and actively maintain your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.) in order to interact with these potential customers through posts, comments and competitions.

Paid Advertisement

Paid Advertisement

In addition to the methods mentioned earlier, there is paid advertisement as well. Although, you might think that this method will not help you and just drain your pockets, you are wrong. Statistics have shown that services, such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, not only have increased page visits, but have increased sales as well. If you choose to use these services, you can select and control your budget, the keywords that you want people to search in order to find you, and have all the statistical results of your campaign in your screen anytime.
This way you target the actual audience that wants to find your business. You can even limit to whom these ads will show up, for example based on age, gender and where they are from.

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